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Simple Interventions

Author: M. Lee

At the time of this writing, the entire make-up of Studio 355 hails from one university: Norwich. At our alma mater one of our professors often phrased what we do as an exploration of "the meaning of making and making of meaning". The architecture profession is often characterized as a while-color job but it has its roots in blue-color challenges. Getting our hands dirty making things is part of our calling.

My recent work activities have been very drawing and administration-centric with seemingly endless hours spent in front of a screen - but I never forget to seek balance. I constantly remind myself to make... ...make anything. I carve out what little time I can to bring to life even the most modest of personal projects. Some projects are simple and some are probably even pretty dumb - but make, I do.

Here's an example of how some reclaimed materials and weekend of sweat equity can add value to a home.

Our neighbor's dog kept jumping the short, busted, chain-link fence that neither one of us were sure who owned - so we went halfsies on new one. Once the Darling One saw the new fence coming up, she got excited with the potential of having a decent space to hang out in the yard. Our neighbor also happened to have a some demolished cedar fencing headed for the Bagster. So we took a simple desire and some reclaimed materials and banged-out a quick project.

Simple interventions are where it's at.

Check out a video of the build at

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